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  • Geplaatst op: 15-05-2024

Nes Ammim is a village in the Western Galilee, Israel, dedicated to encounter and dialogue, learning and hospitality. In its midst lives an international, ecumenical Christian community, founded and supported by European Christians and churches. Its members, motivated by the lessons of the past and the challenges of the present, are living, working and learning in solidarity with the wide spectrum of people in the country, Jews, Arabs and others.  

Nes Ammim is looking for a  

Gardener in Israel 

Purpose of the job 

  • To ensure the Nes Ammim botanical and residential gardens are kept in optima forma 
  • To ensure the gardens are a safe place to meet and leisure 
  • To ensure the garden (watering) facilities and infrastructure meet the required safety and quality standards to serve the purpose of Nes Ammim to learn and dialogue and host guests 
  • To develop a more robust and sustainable garden, lowering the environmental impact 
  • To enhance the look and feel experience of the Nes Ammim gardens  
  • To develop leisure and event areas that create a unique customer value proposition for the hotel guests (natural and attractive). 

 Tasks and responsibilities 

  • Develop and execute an annual and ecologically responsible maintenance plan and budget that covers all practical activities of gardening. 
  • Identify, plan, budget and carry out ideas for expanding and/or improving the garden areas. 
  • Develop a sustainable improvement plan for the entire irrigation systems for the botanical and residential gardens. 
  • Providing guided tours for volunteers and/or (hotel) guests. (optional) 

Position in the organization: 

  • The gardener reports to the General Manager of Nes Ammim, who acts as the contract party  of volunteers and employees, with a dotted line to the Maintenance Manager for sharing equipment (machinery and tools) and a pool of volunteers and employees.  


  • Volunteers  
  • Residents of the village (do’s and don’ts) 
  • Israeli employees/colleagues 
  • Service providers and/or contractors outside Nes Ammim 

Knowledge and experience 

  • Experienced in gardening. 
  • Management knowledge and experience in gardening and landscaping 
  • Knowledge about (Mediterranean and Tropical) plants and trees 
  • Experience in working with volunteers (benefit 

Job competences and qualifications 

  • Professional gardener with some years of experience. A secondary or higher education of horticulture or landscaping is preferred. 
  • Good mastering of English (verbal and written) 
  • Good communication and social skills. 

Personal skills 

  • Good communication skills 
  • Enthusiastic and inspiring personality 
  • Able to give clear messages, yet sensitive to personal feels and needs  
  • Able to deal with a diversity of people and cultural differences  
  • Visible in the organization, proactive and cooperative. 
  • Accurate and service-oriented and result driven attitude. 
  • Flexible in organizing the work and able to work under stress. 

Other requirements  

  • Christian background and Interested in the ideology of Nes Ammim. 
  • Willingness to live in a small village community with people from diverse backgrounds who live, study and work together, mainly on a voluntary basis. 
  • The gardener is a key position in the organization and the appealing advert of the village, to be filled by a long termer on a voluntary basis. 


Full time position 

Period of stay 

The gardener will stay for a minimum of preferable two years with an option to a third year in Nes Ammim. 

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