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  • 30/10/2018
Vlag van Israël | foto:

Vlag van Israël | foto:

Nes Ammim is a village in the Western Galilee, Israel, dedicated to encounter and dialogue, learning and hospitality. In its midst lives an international ecumenical Christian community, founded and supported by European Christians and churches. Its members, motivated by the lessons of the past and the challenges of the present, are living, working and learning in solidarity with the wide spectrum of people in the country: Jews, Arabs and others.

Nes Ammim has set up a residential neighbourhood on its former agriculturally used land, with the aspiration that Jews, Arabs and others will live together in peace, mutual acceptance and tolerance as a model for the region and the nation.

The Centre for Learning and Dialogue (CLD) provides study, dialogue and fellowship activities for the volunteers, inhabitants of the village, visitors, people on study leave, and for others who want to experience the community life for some time. The CLD hosts local dialogue activities as well as initiatives from Christian organizations and churches that take place within Nes Ammim. The CLD also contributes to the expansion of educational tourism with the aim of attracting and serving groups from Europe that are interested to visit and explore the Galilee and the Israeli society.

To generate additional income Nes Ammim rents out its assets as there are houses and apartments in the village, the 35 hectare avocado orchard and the surrounding agricultural parcels of land.

Nes Ammim is looking for a Community and CLD manager

Your responsibility

  • Organize, coordinate and develop the activities of the CLD and of the Nes Ammim community including its income generating activities.
  • Maintain, strengthen, and express internally and externally the profile of Nes Ammim and the spiritual life of the community.
  • Take care of the wellbeing of the volunteers and manage the overall internal and external affairs of the volunteers.
  • Maintain and develop company policies, strategies and procedures.
  • Manage, coach, support and supervise managers and support staff.
  • Raise funds for structural activities of the CLD and the community, including networking with (possible) donors.
  • Facilitate group work and community building between the Nes Ammim Community and the inhabitants of the new village.
  • Prepare reports for the Board of Directors, the General Assembly, for donors and funding churches.

You offer

  • Servant-leadership skills, hands-on and result-oriented.
  • Minimum BA level of education – Master level preferred – in business management;
  • Good understanding of intercultural dynamics and good knowledge of English;
  • Ability to act as the focal point for communication between all levels of the organization.
  • Experience in management of organizations, employee management and employee guidance and ability to make and take decisions.
  • Supportive attitude towards the ideology and Christian background of Nes Ammim;
  • Willingness to live in a small village community for a minimum period of two years (three years preferred).

We offer

  • A varied, full-time position as a manager (partly on voluntary basis) with responsibility in a beautiful surrounding;
  • Accommodation, meals, compensation package (to be negotiable), health insurance, contribution to pension provisions;
  • An interesting study program.

If you believe that Nes Ammim is a unique place that can play a special role in the interreligious dialogue and contributes to better understanding between Jews and Palestinians, if you are ambitious and you enjoy working in a dynamic international environment, please send your CV with covering letter in English (explaining your interest) to (Jobfish HRM).

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